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I believe that we can make things beautiful and we should too. I love visual creativity, eye-catching graphics and harmonic design. I can easily sacrifice even my sleeping hours if some minor details are still not as close to perfect as I'd like them to be.

I grew up in Hungary, near Budapest in a nice and big family. After graduating from high school with emphasized studies on media, IT and mathematics, I took two great courses simultaneously dealing with web-development and multimedia to continue my early years of autodidact studies in this field in a more official way. In 2012 I decided to take the opportunity and continue in Denmark.

I successfully finished a professional bachelor degree programme in Multimedia Design and in Web Development and currently I work at magentoxperten.dk as a frontend developer / UI designer

I enjoy every minute I spend outdoors. Nature is a major source of my inspiration where I can reset my senses, test my abilities and shoot some photos like this one.

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This website is outdated by every means and I'm contemplating to create a new one.

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